Water Districts

Water districts are general law or special law districts created for such purposes as the conservation and development of water resources, treatment of wastewater, and the storage preservation and distribution of storm water when such services are otherwise unavailable.


Water district is a term that generally includes Water Control and Improvement Districts, Municipal Utility Districts, Fresh Water Supply Districts,  River Authorities, Water Improvement Districts, and Special Districts, among others. Smith, Murdaugh, Little & Bonham, L.L.P. provides the legal services necessary for the creation, organization, and confirmation of water districts.  The firm then serves as general counsel and bond counsel and can serve as litigation counsel when needed.  The firm will provide the experienced legal counsel necessary for the construction and operation of water, wastewater,  and drainage facilities.  The firm also regularly counsels clients in the construction and operation of road, transportation, fire protection, and recreational facilities. The firm prides itself in maintaining long-term relationships with its clients and has represented numerous fully developed water districts for decades.

As general counsel, Smith, Murdaugh, Little & Bonham, L.L.P. regularly advises existing water district clients in the following areas:

  • Administrative Law
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Construction Law
  • Real Property Acquisition
  • Election Law
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Public Information Act
  • Taxation
  • Annexation/Deannexation
  • General Contract Negotiation
  • Litigation Matters